Self-Service Meal Machine Wireless Networking System

The True Meaning Of Food… Is Not Hiding… Is Not Escaping… Is Not To Get… Is Not To Record… But To Be Real… And To Know What We Really Want Deep Inside… Everyday… From 11 AM We Start To Contemplate… What Should I Eat For Lunch… The Long Queues At The Canteen… Maybe The Canteen Lady Doesn’t Give Me Enough Food… Or If I Decide On Takeaway Delivery But It Comes Late… …… No Matter How Delicious the Food Is, Just Encountering One Of The Above Problems… Greatly […]

ZigBee-based remote monitoring of oil well production status

remote monitoring of oil

Howto grasp the various parameters of the well, and understand the operation of wells in recent years, Sinopec’s information production in oifield and the successful integration of the Internet of things. Led by the shengli oilfield Informationization through continuous innovation, successful use of Wireless ZigBee technology appliedin field data collection. Wells scattered distribution varies the distance between wells and wells, wellhead RTU via cable in the early collection of wellhead temperature,angular […]

The most essential difference between industrial router and household router

Industrial router is a sturdy device used to connect two or more networks, the signal can be transmitted to the required port only. Gateway can convert the communication protocols between the standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet, wireless and wired, Ethernet and Field-Bus. From 200 to more than 1500 MIPS processor performance, on-chip memory capacity is greater than 256 KB l2 cache. This factory automation equipment structure is strong, suitable for bad industrial environment without fan cooled, […]

2016 Charging piles new standard, Four-Faith will help you to be successed!

The new national standard of charging piles interface type and communication protocol etc. carried out in 2016. Another good news is the increase sales volume of electric vehicles, especially the increase of commercial electric vehicles. This is a big market. The car is nearly no electricity, hurry up to find a charging pile Wait, which one is better? While charging pile market in high speed development, but meet many problems and resistance, too much and uneven product, let consumers […]

Smart new life! Four-Faith Industrial 4G router power intelligent express counter unit net community

Along with the country to ‘Internet +’ and intelligence support for the construction of community, community business become a billionaire market opportunity. In the big wisdom urban construction background, the intelligence community, like a wave of overwhelming challenge to the traditional community.   Four-Faith Shanghai customer system intelligent express ark operators, logistics, in order to solve the last kilometer as the breakthrough point, two years in most domestic provinces […]

Intelligent Agriculture Wireless Monitoring System Application Case

Introduction Agricultural automation is the automation of using automatic control and electronic technology to realize the agricultural production and managing, which is the important sign of the agricultural modernization. Through automation control for farmland remote monitoring is applied to implement remote centralized management, reducing staff work at the site work at the same time, convenient and unified management each fields of daily water and spraying, etc. The sprinkler system by industrial […]

ZigBee wireless control system for water saving irrigation

Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. ZigBee products series has been successfully used in water-saving irrigation fields, such as irrigation, urban greening, irrigation, etc. Conventional irrigation need artificial water according to the weather site, increase the cost a lot of manpower material resources, and low efficiency. Currently using ZigBee short-range wireless networking technology has become the preferred choice of water saving irrigation system, using ZigBee wireless network […]

Four-Faith Industrial 3G router successfully used in Guatemala tanker wireless monitoring project

Tanker transport situation is difficult to real-time control, to a certain extent, restricted the improvement of business efficiency. The safe transport of fuel products in the oil transport business management has been much concern in the transport of oil products in the theft, oil changes, robbery and irregularities quality accidents caused by employees and to the enterprise with varying degrees of loss . Recently, Guatemala tanker operators a user-centric, and continuously expand, innovation, […]

Four-Faith wireless router for Myanmar ATM Application

Four-Four Myanmar customer is the local system integrator in finance field, with the development of the banking business, the ATM application requirement has increased. The traditional wire device is of high cost and inconvenient for the Construction. Four-Faith’s 3G wireless communication router can help to get rid of the problems of cable, and of lower cost, secure the data transmission, and convenient for use, and so is popular with the Myanmar customer. After several checking, the customer […]

ZigBee applied in geological disaster monitoring

In recent years, there are numerous reports about geological disaster, from the data, has a great influence to our production and our life. These disasters instance reflected the lag of the construction of the real-time monitoring and early warning system, an urgent need to establish intelligent detection warning system for the high incidence area of landslides and debris flows of geological disasters in our country, through rapid perception precursor information of geology disaster, rapid alert […]