Four-Faith Industrial 3G router successfully used in Guatemala tanker wireless monitoring project

Guatemala tanker wireless monitoring project

Tanker transport situation is difficult to real-time control, to a certain extent, restricted the improvement of business efficiency. The safe transport of fuel products in the oil transport business management has been much concern in the transport of oil products in the theft, oil changes, robbery and irregularities quality accidents caused by employees and to the enterprise with varying degrees of loss .

Recently, Guatemala tanker operators a user-centric, and continuously expand, innovation, 4G / 3G / GPS technology into the tank monitoring system. By the tanker configuration Industrial 3G Router (GPS + 3G) unit. After the vehicle leaves the management center, the position information on the vehicle Industrial 3G router will present the vehicle back to the control center.


In Guatemala, customers in order to strengthen security for tanker transport management, after a lot of market research and feasibility studies, using a Four-Faith communication has a wealth of project monitoring and in-car wireless monitoring implementation experience provided by tanker wireless monitoring system . Using a Four-Faith batch of Industrial 3G wireless router, help build the tanker wireless monitoring project in the system.

tanker wireless monitoring project in the system

System integration of the latest video transmission technology, the latest Industrial 3G communication technology and computer management technology as a whole, to achieve real-time monitoring of vehicle video information in the cloud platforms, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the vehicle behavior management. It consists of four letters F7425 Industrial GPS router, car peripherals (fuel consumption, switch doors, brakes and other sensors and cameras, car microphone in hand, holding phone, alarms, etc.) and cloud platform.

By running on tankers F7425 Industrial GPS router, wireless remote sends back the current vehicle condition of the vehicle, operation information, image / video information to a remote control center, the control center and then returned by the remote GPS data to establish an electronic map function correspondence between the transport vehicle into a movement intended point on the map, you can point to the route, driving speed, driving conditions and unmistakably transparent monitoring, in order to achieve intelligent control.

In addition, the 3G traffic statistics, the system will automatically per tanker traffic statistics and can set a threshold, when more than this value, an alarm signal to inform the background, to achieve efficient management.

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