Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router for Myanmar ATM Application

Four-Four Myanmar customer is the local system integrator in finance field, with the development of the banking business, the ATM application requirement has increased. The traditional wire device is of high cost and inconvenient for the Construction. Four-Faith’s 3G wireless communication router can help to get rid of the problems of cable, and of lower cost, secure the data transmission, and convenient for use, and so is popular with the Myanmar customer. After several checking, the […]

Four-Faith ZigBee transmission terminal used in granary remote monitoring system

System using ultrasonic ranging sensor to measure the grain volume, and transmission  data through the ZigBee wireless network, remote real-time monitoring food changes in the granary, ensure that grain storage quantity believable, ensure the security of grain storage quantity.   ZigBee equipment of the whole system is to connect the measuring instrument equipments (ultrasonic sensors, temperature and humidity sensor, relay device, etc.) with Four-Faith ZigBee transmission terminal […]

Four-Faith Data Transmission Unit used for Charging Piles Monitoring

For the Suzhou customer there do exist some problems for the charging piles monitoring system. ◆ With the increasing of the numbers of charging piles, the cost of the original monitoring system has became higher, and can not meet the request of the system data transmission. ◆ CAN BUS is widely used in industrial field, however the weak communication ability can not meet the request of the monitoring data transmission. The wireless charging piles station which is developed by Four-Faith […]