Smart new life! Four-Faith Industrial 4G router power intelligent express counter unit net community

Along with the country to ‘Internet +’ and intelligence support for the construction of community, community business become a billionaire market opportunity. In the big wisdom urban construction background, the intelligence community, like a wave of overwhelming challenge to the traditional community.


Four-Faith Shanghai customer system intelligent express ark operators, logistics, in order to solve the last kilometer as the breakthrough point, two years in most domestic provinces and municipalities directly under the central government to deploy intelligent express ark equipment, laid for a number of community residents to provide a system of intelligent community life service.
intelligent express
Customer business model in intelligent express ark is very rich, through the offline layout of intelligent express ark, at the same time, combining with the APP, for each community residents to create a good shopping, information, social networking, sharing platform, set up around upstream and downstream business O2O ecological system, for the owners, property management, investors, merchants core all business opportunities within 3km, digging the community, with the smallest input to obtain the biggest commercial value.
Four-Faith provide solid networking upgrade services,help customers develop intelligent express ark with wireless network management system.
Customer on-site pictures
intelligent express ark with wireless network management system
Intelligent express ark wireless networking management system by the logistics delivery box, F3X34 3G/4G router and M2M cloud management platform of three parts. Among them, logistics storage terminal controller including, speaking, reading and writing, electronic lock, storage cabinet group, people can at any time by Courier service agent to provide the password in the smart to extract their express, express mail box parcel, at the same time can also will need to send the Courier and parcel Courier delivered to intelligence waiting for the salesman to take in the cupboard.
Four-Faith F3X36 3G/4G industrial router to intelligent express tank system establish networking and high speed, stable data transmission channel, to take, all pieces of information transmission to companies such as the background, for enterprises to analyze business and operations. At the same time, the operating enterprise by M2M cloud management platform to achieve enough for scattered in different locations of intelligent express terminal to run the unified state regulation, effectively reduce the operational cost of the enterprise.
The personage inside course of study thinks, in the future, logistics life in the community services, advertising, e-commerce, etc, large user base will bring huge commercial value, but also can realize the masses about all the imagination, of the intelligence community Four-Faith will be sent to you by the Internet of Things technology based on wireless communication industry, to provide intelligent express thank operating companies is stable, reliable wireless networking solutions, assist the large-scale popularization of intelligent express art and operations.

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