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Four-Faith Industrial 3G router successfully used in Guatemala tanker wireless monitoring project

Tanker transport situation is difficult to real-time control, to a certain extent, restricted the improvement of business efficiency. The safe transport of fuel products in the oil transport business management has been much concern in the transport of oil products in the theft, oil changes, robbery and irregularities quality accidents caused by employees and to the enterprise with varying degrees of loss . Recently, Guatemala tanker operators a user-centric, and continuously expand, innovation, […]

Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router for Myanmar ATM Application

Four-Four Myanmar customer is the local system integrator in finance field, with the development of the banking business, the ATM application requirement has increased. The traditional wire device is of high cost and inconvenient for the Construction. Four-Faith’s 3G wireless communication router can help to get rid of the problems of cable, and of lower cost, secure the data transmission, and convenient for use, and so is popular with the Myanmar customer. After several checking, the […]