The most essential difference between industrial router and household router

Industrial router is a sturdy device used to connect two or more networks, the signal can be transmitted to the required port only. Gateway can convert the communication protocols between the standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet, wireless and wired, Ethernet and Field-Bus. From 200 to more than 1500 MIPS processor performance, on-chip memory capacity is greater than 256 KB l2 cache. This factory automation equipment structure is strong, suitable for bad industrial environment without fan cooled, specifically for data transmission.

industrial router

Many head of companies because of the lack of professional knowledge, often choose cheap ordinary household router for wireless coverage. In fact, this kind of practice is wrong, because ordinary household routers are often designed according to the family environment, if applied in the industry, is hard to guarantee the stability and safety, so if enterprises want for wireless coverage, must choose professional industrial-grade routers.

Higher transmission performance, higher amount of machine
Most general industrial level router is used for data transmission and other functions for many hundreds of users, if you want to meet so many people at the same time, the router switching must have high performance. But home router is low density, week signal strength, small coverage, switching performance and machine quantity is limited, if it is for the public use, such as enterprise will exist serious hidden dangers.

Compared to the home router, enterprise-class router in the performance is superior, high speed Internet can meet more people. Enterprise routers using high frequency network dedicated processor, data processing ability, has the longer transmission distance, bigger area covered, can greatly improve the network transmission speed and capacity, operation is stable and better serve the needs of business people have high-speed Internet access.
A richer routing protocol
Security, stability is the lifeline of enterprise network. At this point, the ordinary routers due to less of various protocols, so generally do not support internal/external attack defense, prevent virus, Trojan and hacker intrusion, is very difficult to provide a variety of security and protection for enterprises.

Industrial router usually has a number of security service, has a rich routing protocols, such as SNMP, static router, strategies router, unified management protocol and so on, through these agreements, industrial-grade routers can ensure the safe operation of the network, and to protect the user data is not stolen.
Industrial product design is more suitable for a long time using

Usually, when using a common router, don’t use last long, so there will be a lot of time for router “rest”. But when using a industrial-grade router, due to the needs of work, even need a router running 24 hours a day, so there is a higher requirements for its industrial design.
Compared with the ordinary router, enterprise-class router is more professional delicate on industrial design, able to support constant use for a long period of time, more suitable for the application of industrial environment. So, for related applications in the wireless coverage deployment, must choose professional industrial-grade routers, if choose to save the cost of ordinary routers, will affect the safety and stability of the network, this will only bring a bigger loss for enterprise project.

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