ZigBee applied in geological disaster monitoring

In recent years, there are numerous reports about geological disaster, from the data, has a great influence to our production and our life. These disasters instance reflected the lag of the construction of the real-time monitoring and early warning system, an urgent need to establish intelligent detection warning system for the high incidence area of landslides and debris flows of geological disasters in our country, through rapid perception precursor information of geology disaster, rapid alert and implement emergency hedge, utmost to avoid causing casualties.

Four-Faith developed the geological hazard detection and disaster early warning system based on ZigBee technology, system includes a front-end sensor, data acquisition processor, Four-Faith ZigBee wireless communication module and the background data processing software and information release system.

On site picture:

Four-Faith ZigBee product embedded in the system,

Based on geological disaster detection sensor technology, ZigBee technology, 3S technology and modern information processing technology, to real-time monitoring a certain range (area)’s geological disasters, such as landslide, debris flow and the city ground collapse, engineering geological disasters; Extracting deformation and damage information of the time domain and the airspace, and disaster inducing factors, set up geological disaster monitoring multi-source information fusion model; Based on information fusion processing of deformation factors, related factors and incentive factors, make judgments the stable state and change trend of disaster; Reveal spatial distribution regularity of landslide, debris flow, urban ground collapse and other engineering geological disasters, make predictions that disasters may occur in the future of the area (or points) and degree; The realization of digital, networked, intelligent monitoring and early warning of geological disaster.

System adopted Four-Faith F8914 zigbee terminal , F8114, F8125 ZigBee products to build the wireless ZigBee network, realize the data stable transmission.



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