ZigBee-based remote monitoring of oil well production status

Howto grasp the various parameters of the well, and understand the operation of wells in recent years, Sinopec’s information production in oifield and the successful integration of the Internet of things. Led by the shengli oilfield Informationization through continuous innovation, successful use of Wireless ZigBee technology appliedin field data collection. Wells scattered distribution varies the distance between wells and wells, wellhead RTU via cable in the early collection of wellhead temperature,angular displacement, pressure, load, torque, power andother data, such a well downhole cable distribution is complex, construction and the network adds a great dealof difficulty. With the development of short-distance communication module, four faith F8913 ZigBee modules play a short distance network, low power, low cost, flexible application features used successfully in Sinopec oil well data acquisition.

Four Faith ZigBee products in oil field application diagram:

ZigBee products in oil field application diagram

Four Faith F8913 ZigBee module cooperates closely with instrument manufacturers of oil wells, ZigBee module is embedded into the instrument, realizing the function of the ZigBee wireless RTU, wireless thermometer, ZigBee wireless sensor and so on;via Wireless ZigBee around each well with different instruments and flexible network, implementation of wireless acquisition of wellhead temperature, pressure, load,angular displacement, torque, power and other data. Finally each well GPRS gateway or optical fiber transmission field monitoring center.

remote monitoring of oil

Through the data processing, data centers or production unit for real-time monitoring of the well, and the production process of real-time data acquisition, transmission and the analysis of the consumption and production, and achieve automation of oil Wells management, improve the work efficiency and ensure the accuracy of the data collection and strengthen the on-site accident emergency handling capacity.
Networking features:

★ Flexible networking, based on site specific environmental requirements of network mode.

★ Low power consumption, high and low level, activate trigger dormancy; support srouting and Terminal mode deep sleep power consumption is less than 0.4uA.

★ WDT watchdog designed to ensure system stability, and self healing ability.it with micro double-row 2.0mm pin package, for even more convenience ZigBee module

★ Using double-row 2.0mm pin package, for even more convenience ZigBee module

★ short distance long distance networks dual-network-wireless GPRS gateway, network science.

★ Intelligent data module, power to enter the data transmission, network time;

★ Easy to use, flexible, multiple working mode selection

ZigBee module

Module adopts industrial design, in line with the work in high and low temperature environment, module has good stability, suitable for oil field applications;

ZigBee terminal open environment depending on the distance wireless communication distance is 500-2500 meters, in line with the requirements of the well communication networking;

Can according to user requirements, the application of the scene environment to make customized function, more in line with the actual application;
Technical support response speed, can solve the technical problem existed in the user in a timely manner, and gives the best network scheme;

ZigBee communication does not require any communication cost, for the whole project to save a large amount of expenses;

Equipment operation is simple, and easy to understand, all module can perform ad-hoc network capacity;

High degree of integration, the technology is mature, easy installation, system deployment is simple, easy to expand to add new nodes;

remote monitoring of oil case

Zhongyuan Oilfield Customer Rating: Four Faith ZigBee wireless communication terminal that is suitable for our high security requirements, the data points are more wells to monitor the project in recent years Four-Faith products continue to optimize the technical aspects of the very complex smooth, fast response, good stability module, four-faith hope to have more better help new oil industry.

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