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Smart City Starting from Intelligent Parking
If smart cities are to build a new intelligent living system including people’s livelihood, public security, urban services,commercial and industrial activities, then intelligent parking is a necessary part of a smart city. In order to build a smart parking system in cities, it is necessary not only to expand the parking space of the city through hardware facilities, but also to use the IoT technology to create a smart parking system to integrate the city parking resources - smart parking.
Four-Faith LoRa used in smart parking
With the increasing number of family cars, the parking space is becoming increasingly tense. Parking has become a common problem in all cities, then comes with the problem of urban parking management.The construction of smart parking will effectively solve the problems of parking space utilization, parking services, and parking management. Four-Faith built a smart solution for parking based on the IoT technology and it’s LoRa module.
Four-Faith LoRa application topology
Four-Faith smart parking solution realizes the parking status monitoring, parking reservation, parking guidance, online payment and remote management through the networked sharing of data. LoRa-based wireless networking has the advantages of free flow charge, no wiring, no need for broken road applications, large networking capacity, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption. Four-Faith LoRa module is embedded in the geomagnetic sensor, when a car enters or leaves the parking space, the geomagnetic sensor determines the parking status by sensing the change of the earth's magnetic field, then status information is uploaded to the server through the LoRa gateway/base station.
 Four-Faith LoRa
Geomagnetic sensors detects the vehicle presence. As a wireless transmission assistant, Four-Faith LoRa module transmits the parking space information from geomagnetic sensors to the central node. The geomagnetic sensor detects the state of the parking space, embedded LoRa module transmits the parking space information to the LoRa gateway/base station, the gateway then connect to the server through GPRS/3G/4G/wired network. The server receive the parking space status, parking time and length of parking, which is convenient for billing management. At the same time, a guidance screen can be connected to the server and installed in a suitable place of the parking lot, then the screen can display the parking space information from the server to guide drivers to find parking space.
Intelligent parking can easily manage rapid vehicle pass, parking space information, parking guidance and self-service parking payment, which shares information on commercial consumption, personal and parking spaces, and also improves resources utilization. In the construction of smart cities, intelligent parking is the breakthrough point of smart transportation, which solves the “barest bones” problem and provides people more intelligent traffic and better experience, and this also speed up the smart city construction.

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