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Data Wireless Acquisition Based on NB-IoT

   With the development of radio frequency transceiver technology, microelectronics technology, and integrated circuits, wireless communication technology has made great progress, design cost, transmission rate, and reliability are improved to a much higher lever and getting closer to cable network transmission. The adoption of wireless data acquisition technology in the industrial field has become a new development trend, which can solve the problems existing in traditional data acquisition and improve the applicability of the system.
    For temperature monitoring of control equipment such as subways, high-speed railways, airports, etc., narrow-band NB-IoT communication equipments have higher penetration and ensure the stability of the communication system; thus such equipments is generally in the underground or computer room where cellular networks signal is weaker. The system is mainly composed of lower-layer execution devices, middle-layer transmission devices, and upper-layer data devices.

    The lower-layer execution devices are mainly acquisition modules, which collect sensors and PLC data at the site and access the transmission equipment through RS485. The middle-layer transmission devices use Four-Faith NB-IoT transmission terminal F2910 series, they are acquisition terminals and set up a safe, real-time and stable data transmission channels with the platform. The data processing part of the platform consists of servers and firewalls, main task is to receive and process sensor data reported by terminals, to store database data and display web page data.
   The communication method of the acquisition system is based on the operator's NB-IoT network. Its biggest feature is that it breaks the distance limit and can achieve data collection for roaming across the country and even the world. This solution mainly use NB-IoT data services to communicate over the Internet. The NB-loT technology has good transmission and penetration, and has significantly improved the reliability of communication quality in closed places such as subway stations and underground parking.
    The acquisition system implemented with NB-loT technology has strong real-time performance and is safe and reliable. The entire system has the advantages of wide network coverage, strong anti-interference ability, high communication speed, and low communication error rate. With the continuous development of the NB-loT technology, the remote wireless acquisition system based on NB-loT network will surely grow together with the mobile communication technology, and has a very bright future.

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