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Smart Factory, Produce Intelligently

     Smart factory takes advantages of IoT technology and device monitoring technology to manage the information and services of sales and production, improving the controllability and efficiency. Also, it can collect and arrange the production plans promptly and correctly. With help of green & smart system, it can be built as a efficient, green and comfortable smart factory.
    Nowadays lots of devices in factories run separately and the status, production cycle can not be shared, analyzed and optimized. With technology of IoT, it can realize management of staff, machines, objects, environments to save budget, become more efficient, and optimized. 
     IoT can help smart factory realize smart management of staff and information, connect factories together by sharing production information combining with industry production and management. 
    Four-Faith smart factory solutions using LoRa technology including LoRa terminal and     LoRa gateway to build LoRa wireless network which covers the whole factory. It can collects data from each terminal nodes in the factory and monitoring the information of production, requirements on the production lines. The data will then transfer to center and be analyzed, optimized. After that, the WEB server and APP system will receive the info of production and management promptly.
    Four-Faith smart factory solution can cover each aspects of the factory using LoRa terminal and gateway along with cloud server. It can monitor and manage remotely the terminal devices like meters, machines and staff, realizing the real time monitoring the environment and terminal sensors. Four-Faith LoRa IoT smart factory solution can upgrade the traditional production by reaching process standardization, monitoring visualization, system integration, data sharing.

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