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Urban street light wireless communication monitoring system

With the continuous advancement of digital and intelligent cities, the urban street lamp monitoring and management system lacks flexible and intelligent control methods. It is difficult to timely and accurately grasp the safe working state of street lighting equipment, and it is more difficult to realize the refined energy-saving management of street lamps.
It is no longer able to meet the needs of the development and management of urban lighting projects, and it is even less able to respond to the requirements of the state for building smart and energy-efficient cities.

Industry demand
■ Produced great social benefits and city image
■ Save street lamp maintenance costs and facilitate timely troubleshooting
■ Modern management of lighting systems through street lighting monitoring systems
■ Improve lamp life and reduce operating costs through energy-saving switch street lights
■ Intelligent monitoring of brightness status control street light switch,
saving a lot of electricity expenses
 The four-faith urban streetlight wireless communication monitoring system solution uses DTU equipment, serial port and IO are connected to the field terminal, wireless access monitoring center, transparent data transmission, cellular network as the bearer network, and wireless for TCP/IP for industrial users. The data transmission channel functionally completes the wireless data communication between the remote control station terminal device and the central control system, so that remote terminal control can be realized.
The monitoring center realizes street light group control and group control according to needs, automatic or manual remote control of street light switch lights, automatic or manual patrol, and selection of technical parameters such as voltage, current, active power, power factor and contactor status of each street lamp terminal. . Flexible on-site scheduling and control can be realized through the mobile control subsystem; the lighting rate of each road segment can be calculated, counted and queried at any time; the timing data and statistical data of any street lamp control terminal can be inquired and printed at any time.
Program advantage
1 Improve the lighting rate of street lamps
Through the street lamp monitoring system, the running status of the street lamp can be monitored at any time and problems occurring during operation can be found in time, so that maintenance personnel can promptly eliminate the fault and improve the lighting rate.
2 reduce energy consumption and save electricity costs
Through the street lamp monitoring system, the real-time control of the street lamp can be controlled according to the current city's light brightness condition, and different street lamp lighting and extinguishing rules are executed according to the needs of the environment, so as to reduce power consumption and reduce electricity cost.
3 extend the life of street lamps
Through the street lamp control system, intelligent management of street lights is realized, especially in the case of voltage increase in the middle of the night, through the street lamp monitoring system, the voltage value of the device is controlled, and the street lamp is regulated to achieve the demand for extending the service life of the street lamp.
4 centralized management, reducing human and material loss
Through the four letter DTU products, the street lamp monitoring system in the city is centrally and uniformly managed, which reduces the work intensity of the operation and maintenance personnel and the maintenance cost of the tour lights, and greatly improves the work efficiency. In addition, in the bad weather, through the system control, emergency management measures are enabled to reduce accidents.


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