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Four-Faith is committed to providing industry customers with reliable wireless networking and intelligent industry applications, along with a wide range of networking products and services. They include M2M, IoT and Smart Electricity; these three major business sectors each support each other and create collaborative development.

M2M: Enable Reliable End-to-End Networking And Communication

Using equipment communication control as the core, we want to expand the intelligent information exchange to machine-to-machine (M2M), people-to-machine, machine-to-person, and mobile network-to-person. We aim to provide customers with intelligent applications and reliable wireless communications products and solutions to help customers become more competitive.

Smart Electricity: Focus On Power Generation, Transmission, Substation, Power Distribution, Electricity And All Aspects of Networking Applications.

With a focus on the provision of power for internet terminal products, cloud platforms, solutions and helping customers to achieve intelligent network electrical equipment, monitoring and management.

IoT: Achieving People, Systems And Business Vertical Integration. Making Applications Smarter.

The core of IoT is the application, Four-Faith IoT focuses on innovation as the driving force to promote the application of research and development. We have accumulated a wealth of industry insight and practical experience to keep us moving forward.