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Four-Faith 4G/3G Industrial router successfully applied self-service camera

       With the development of technology, people’s behavior of going out, dining and shopping are also becoming increasingly fast. with the emergence of a number of self-service vending machines, such as beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, fast food vending machine, there are also crab vending machines when crabs on sale. However, the citizens’ "appetite" did not stop there, spiritual needs are equally important, and thus there comes the self-service photo machine.

       Now,in subway, vehicle administration office, Rush Hall, tourism and other places in metro city, it is not difficult to find self-service photo machine. Self-service camera can not only take ID pictures, you can also take funny pictures. The citizens can easily get all kinds of pictures they need through a simple self-service operation, and only about 10 seconds to print, convenient and popular.

      The high frequency usage and large data storage of the machine will easily cause glitches. A system integrator in Guangdong develop an intelligent system using Four-Faith router as communication terminal for online networking management of self-service camera equipments.

      Four-Faith is the largest outdoor self-service terminal provider in Guangdong area. Four-Faith Industrial 3G router is used to upgrade self-service photo machine, and to solve the issue of wireless communication & networking problem for all self-service photo machines. With higher stability in terminal devices and operating system, service quality is improved accordingly.

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      F3x25 4G/3G Industrial router is special designed for self-service terminal industry, the device supports APN/VPDN private network, effectively guaranteeing the security of financial transactions, online networking monitoring, automatic re-dial, dial-on-demand, ensure the patency and stability of the network.

     By establishing transparent data channel through F3x25 4G/3G Industrial wireless router and monitoring center of self-service camera networking system to achieve wireless networking, and with 24 hours networking monitoring to ensure the efficient operation of the equipments.

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