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ATM Camera Monitoring Router Wireless Video Surveillance

ATM Wireless Video Surveillance Applications

      Banks need real-time monitoring of each branch of the operation 24 hours bank ATM machines, video capture to image data after processing by the DVR storage, through Four-Faith 3G / 4G industrial router all network router to transfer images to a camera monitoring center. Each branch of management personnel in the office you can view real-time network operation. If something unexpected happens, you can notify the relevant personnel to the scene the first time to deal with; real-time protection of all outlets operational safety.

      Four-Faith Industrial WCDMA Router F3436 takes industrial grade design, intelligent anti dropped, always-on design, which can effectively guarantee the normal operation of the system. Support APN / VPDN special network access, support for VPN tunnel encryption, secure and reliable transmission of data can be protected. Flexible networking, plug and play. Managers can quickly add new wireless monitoring points to an existing network, no need for new transmission network rollout, additional equipment, convenient for video remote wireless camera monitoring router.

Video Surveillance Solution
camera monitoring router



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