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Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router for ATM self-service terminal application


       ATM(automated teller machine), a classic type of self-service kiosk has played an important role on finance application since it came out.  In the past, ATM machine is limited by the wired network, especially somewhere that wired network is hard to access.  Nowadays, with the development and innovation technology of 3G wireless network, mobile ATM has come true.

2. System analysis

      The system consists of ATM machine, Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router F3X34 , System requirement, Center system of bank

2.1 ATM Machine

      The ATM machine that offers service of accessing fund, deposit, transfer, etc.

2.2 Four-Faith 3G Router

      Compact designed, innovative technology to make Four-Faith router work reliable and steady under 24*365, and full VPN(PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC and GRE) to ensure the security of data transmission.(for more, pls log onto en.fourfaith.com )

2.3 Center System of Bank

      Process all bank data and offer platform for ATM.

3. Brief Introduction

      In some rural area, due to the limitation of bank service sites, people need to go to the county for accessing funds and making transfers, which would take them some times from the rural area to county.  In order to solve this problem, the bank company finds out a advanced solution, using 3G Router for accessing internet for data transmission based on cellular network.

      With Four-Faith’s 3G VPN (IPSEC) Router, the bank customers can access funds and make transfers anywhere and anytime, while the bank company can extend their ATM sites where 3G network is available.  What’s more, the bank company can exchange the data(with IPSEC) with their headquarter remotely without any concerns, as well as wireless video surveillance for security.

4. Diagram

self-service terminal application

5.Real Site

ATM self-service terminal

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