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Four-Faith Industrial 3G/4G Router For Intelligent Express Solution

      With the rapid development of e-commerce ,  large amount of couriers flow in Community, office buildings, universities, which bring convenience as well as some certain hidden danger in security. Recently Intelligent Inbox has has arisen and be used in many cities in China.From ”waiting door to door” to "self-service", greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics distribution network consumption and basically solve the express "last 100 meters" problem.

Intelligent Express Solution

       Intelligent express is a terminal based on internet of things, able to identify goods (express), staging, monitoring and manage the equipment. The appearance is similar to a supermarket store content ark, Briefly is a smart supermarket storage cabinets, its intelligence is that it can  automatically send information to the customer after checking the information and notify the customer to take the package.

       How to manage the intelligent express terminal effectively? Four-Faith come up with a intelligent express wireless networking solution. Each express terminal is a internet terminal. The operator can monitor the working statue of each express terminal, and adjust the supply link and advertisement whenever is ok.

       Four-Faith is the earliest company that make efforts on technology and resources exploration of wireless communication technology application in the field of finance and self-help. The Four-Faith industrial router and M2M dtu provide strong device and technical support for network construction, security encryption, remote device  maintenance, supply link managing, advertisement pushing ect.

wireless intelligent express terminal networking

      3G/4G industrial router F3x34 is used in this solution to establish the transparent data transmission channel to realize the wireless intelligent express terminal networking. Analysis and deal with the express terminal statue, package and user information. Thus is convenient for the user to get the package and improve the efficiency.

      Under the tide of Internet of things, By wireless communication devices to realize outdoor self-help information terminal system gradually become the advertising media of carriers efficient management and advertising pushing.

      Four-Faith F3X34 serial M2M router use stable industrial grade design, high performance, and rich interface and stable networking help to realize 3G/4G real time information transmission.



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