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Power self payment and inquiry terminal application

      The power self inquiry-payment system consists of payment platform, payment terminal and F3X25 series industrial 3G/4G router (camera monitoring router). As a new channel of electricity fee payment and power service, it brings convenience to the clients. F3X25 3G/4G industrial router set up VPN connection with Union Pay system and electric power system by APN/VPDN private network, and report business data and manage data by private network and multiple encryption for ensuring business data and manage data safety. Via APN/VPDN, data center of electric power company can get business data and manage data from all recharge branches and make data storage, processing, application, historical trend analysis, statement print, etc.

f3x25 camera monitoring router wireless operator base

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. Private network

APN/VPDN can improve reliability and safety of network.

2. VPN

support multiple VPN connection way, including IPSEC,PPTP,L2TP,GRE,OPENVPN. The encryption way ensures safety and veracity of transaction data.

3. Stability

adopt high-powered 32 bits CPU and high-powered industrial cellular module, WTD watchdog, stable system.

4. Convenient networking

operator network, no limited areas

6. Remote control

remote camera monitoring and real time camera monitoring on  router platform

Successful cases


Liaoning power self inquiry and payment system


Ningxia power self inquiry-payment terminal 


Beijing community payment inquiry terminal


Shanghai community payment inquiry terminal


Customer's feedback

       Ningxia client: power self payment and inquiry system provides 24 hours service for resident’s electric payment. F3X25 is the necessary device of the system. The key factor we choose Four-Faith is the good stability. F3X25 camera monitoring router use in smart grid,payment inquiry terminal,ticker system also.



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