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Stephen Chow understand environmental feelings, Four-Faith understand environmental monitoring!


The long-awaited "Mermaid" finally on the first day of the new year was released, people have poured into the theater, make the film since its release continuously break the box office record, only 10 days box office has more than 2.1 billion yuan.

And "Mermaid" truly successful reason does not consist in the Zhou nonsensical humor, more important is to convey the core value idea touched every audience's heart. At the beginning of the film is still in the road segment head: the disappearance of the forest, wanton exhaust, the murky sky. With childlike innocence, the a heavy theme put on a coat of mermaid this fairy tale, let people laugh with tears and watch a movie at the same time, are also deeply aware of the environmental protection imminent.

What is worthy of our consideration, what can I do for the environmental protection? What should I do?

In fact, the answer is very simple, look at what has been doing.

With the new energy vehicles, power assistance charging pile wireless network


Now have more and more people take the initiative to join the ranks of the green travel, opened a trendy new energy vehicles, the charging pile is new energy car charger for electric system is one of the most important facilities, Four-Faith designed for charging pile industry to create small size industrial router F3X27 and industrial modem IP F2X03, huge amounts of data real-time transmission, more security deployment plan, easy upgrade and maintenance, greatly enhance management efficiency.

PM2.5 monitoring project make Beijing, Tianjin and no longer tears


Since 2015, all over the country have been suffering from haze, if there is no fresh air in the world, then the economic development and what is the value? Four-Faith with customers and common development of PM2.5 monitoring project, use wireless technology to carry out the wireless data applications, data terminal speed, remote access, and provide wide area wireless IP connection, in recent years in the field of environmental monitoring has been popularized, joint cooperation in the construction of more air quality monitoring project.

Response to environmental protection, based on the online monitoring of pollution sources


Pollution sources on-line monitoring system is the support platform of monitoring and early warning of environment protection technology, by Four-Faith 3G RTU F2X64 and achieve reliable online monitoring, early warning of potential sources of contamination, effectively avoid serious pollution incidents.


Whether your work is related to environmental protection, environmental protection from a finger, environmental protection from in a bit of life, everyone can be oneself to the cause of environmental protection, together to create a beautiful new earth village!

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