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The customer from South Africa visit Four-Faith

The customer from South Africa visit Four-Faith to discuss substation remote monitoring project。And the ministry of foreign trade manager Nick warm reception the guest.


South Africa is the biggest country of electric power in Africa,electricity generation accounts for two-thirds of Africa,many African countries import electricity from South African.

In recent years, with the rapid development of power industry in South Africa , the use of sophisticated wireless communications technology to manage ubiquitous grid , the grid is an important means to improve the management level.

Since most of South Africa 's power plant was built in the 1980s , by 2025 the use of these thermal power plants have reached the deadline , need to create intelligent power station .This brings enormous business opportunities to the power system suppliers and integrators, South Africa Department of the famous local customers power system integration business , over the years committed to South Africa and the global power industry to provide excellent system solutions.

South Africa Customer hold a meeting with Four-Faith engineer several times to check technical issues and test the sample device(F3B3X Dual SIM Router ). After understand the full re equipments,Four Faith engineers customized a substation remote wireless monitoring solution for customer,The system through the Four-Faith 4G/3G wireless router receives status information from each slave collection terminals, wireless network by sending transmission to the monitoring center , at the same time , the monitoring center can also be issued a four- letter 4G/3G wireless router for each sub-station control instructions, in order to achieve bidirectional communication of data.

South African customers noted , F3B3X series has huge transmission ability, high data transfer rate , the normal operation in high temperature environment , the stability of its power projects to meet the requirements . Customers said he was honored to be four letters study of four letters R & D and technical strength praised Canada , hope to maintain long-term relationships .

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