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Mongolian customers visiting Four-Faith to discuss cooperation

Water sector is an information -intensive industries, in their daily work and flood control and drought every decision requires a lot of front-line information support , particularly in the important moments , such as flood control and drought , a comprehensive understanding of hydrological country, rainfall, pumping stations sluice running, large information of key locations dam, embankment of status is very important. Four-Faith Communication is a major supplier of China Water Conservancy wisdom field of wireless communications products , has long-term cooperation with as many as 21 provinces integrators, owners and other needs units , flood control and drought areas , disaster warning , hydrological monitoring , surveillance and other small reservoirs in has strong technology leadership and rich experience in project implementation .

Recently, the systems integrators from Mongolia to come to visit our company and negotiate water information collection and management system cooperation. In the previous prototype testing , the Four-Faith communications equipment to solve the water temperature sensing remote client project issues , customer is satisfied with the four-channel terminal equipment to promote the stability of the water system operations.


The visiting Mongolian customers are mainly looking for more cooperation opportunities , particularly favored by Four-Faith low-power wireless communication terminal F2X14 low consumption IP MODEM. F2X14 with strong environmental adaptability , small size, low power consumption, stable and reliable, easy to use configuration , plug and play , and can be installed in the water system in the various collection stations , each station is responsible for collecting hydrological monitoring center of the collector and bi-directional data communication between

Through careful study, Mongolia customers our R & D capabilities , product quality strict control processes, exceed customer expectations of professional and technical services praised Canada , the two sides reached a long-term intentions , but also to promote our networking wireless communication terminal products further layout Mongolia water industry has laid a foundation.

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