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Four-Faith Chief Happiness Officer Chatting about the Happiness enterprise

Construction of happiness enterprises is one of the Four-Faith’s business strategic goals. On the last working day, CHO chatted with the staying staff regarding the happiness enterprise.

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Happiness, what is happiness, what is happiness enterprise, why do we establish happiness enterprise, how to establish happiness enterprise? Here are different views.

“Company is work place,we spend 8 hours here on our working day.So company is also our living place, Kindness and friendship , caring atmosphere makes me special a sense of belonging”

“Happiness is to accept others with their own different style of work and life habit, stand at the height of love to start our work”

“Happiness is that everyone have a unified values, make progress together, grow together “

“As a green hand, happiness is being respected by colleagues, is required, be sure, motivated, making progress, have gains.

“ Happiness is that what I have made is providing service for all kinds of people, I feel satisfied.”


The CHO recorded all the comments about happiness enterprise carefully, and communicate with them about some measures to establish a happy enterprise, aim at making a mutual concerned, happy working enterprise.

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