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Four-Faith Communication Participating the New Product Introduction Meeting

At present in Fujian Province, IOT project is more than 3000, and terminals are more than 500 thousand

To Four-Faith’s pride, there is Four-Faith’s hard work and wisdom behind the leading application . The project that Four-Faith attended ,such as environment monitoring, weather monitoring, road lamp monitoring, elevator monitoring, intelligent water conservancy.. are highly spoken by the related department for it’s stable and reliable connection.

Recently, the New Product Introduction Meeting in Fujian Province for 2013-2014 will be hold in Fuzhou, Four-Faith is invited as the backbone enterprise of Fujian IOT communication field.


In this meeting, Four-Faith presented 4G industrial wireless router, bus wifi router, intelligent water telemetry terminal RTU, embedded Zigbee Module and application solution .Four-Faith participated in the discussion regarding IOT mode  innovation, project construction, technical development with the request department, and partners.


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