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Four-Faith Making Water Conservancy Informatization Integration

In order to improve the service that water conservancy do for national economy and society development, China has been increasing the inputs in the water conservancy.

On Dec.2nd to Dec.4th,2013,” water Expo China +Water & Membrane China 2013” was held in Beijing, which offer the exhibition and communication for the water conservancy related department, construction department, products and technical vendors. Partners from at home and abroad are attracted to participate it.


Four-Faith Communication, the expert of IOT wireless communication, has established good cooperation with water conservancy related department. And is playing an leading role in Mountain torrent disaster early warning, monitoring of soil moisture, hydrology and water resources monitoring, water rainfall regime monitoring, small and medium-sized rivers, reservoir monitoring, construction of irrigation area.


Four-Faith’s 4G/3G/2.5G telemetry terminal,3G industrial RTU, Disaster warning,4G/3G/2.5G wireless communication terminal, ZigBee Embedded and the latest water conservancy solutions are presented on the exhibition


4G/3G/2.5G telemetry RTU F9164 is Four-Faith’s featured products, it is specially designed for water conservancy industry research and development, strictly follow national standards and specifications related to hydrology and water resources. Product integrate traditional hydrological telemetry terminal function and 2.5 G / 3 G / 4 G transmission functions in one body.It realizes data acquisition, storage, display, control, alarm and comprehensive functions such as transmission of the hydrological/water resources. Widely used in various field of water conservancy informationization construction, such as hydrology, water resources and water environment, water pollution, mountain flood disasters, reservoir safety, the dam safety of remote measurement and control.

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