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Four-Faith Communication Held Annual Marketing Summing up Meeting of 2013

Four-Faith  Held Annual Marketing Summing up Meeting of 2013 & 2014 Marketing Plan Meeting ,on January 20, 2014, in Xiamen Headquarter.Company leaders, managers of department and staff representative attended the meeting


The director of marketing Mr. Wang introduced annual sales in the domestic and overseas market of 2013. In the past year,through our joint efforts , cellular communications product line , ZigBee communications product line , water industry applications product lines, product lines automotive applications , multimedia applications product line sales were achieved leapfrog growth , the growth rate is much higher than the industry average. Four Faith brand awareness , customer reputation , product stability, professional services industry ranked highest , key industries, to further enhance the coverage of penetration , this is our most valuable asset.


2014, is the beginning of Four-Faith second five planning year, "Wisdom & break open a new era " is our common goal. All departments will be more closely with efforts to achieve the plan to improve efficiency.

Summarize past. 2014 We will be more efforts and outstanding

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