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Four-Faith 2014 Chinese New Year Holiday

Dear Sir/Madam,

New year is coming, sincerely thanks to your trust and support in the past one year. In the new year, Four-Faith will continue to adhere to the service concept of quick response, fast feedback, fast delivery, no delay, no quibble, do not hide, to provide you with professional products and satisfactory service!

According to Chinese New Year holiday, combined with our specific case, Four-Faith Spring Festival holiday schedule is as follows:

Time: from 30 Jan (New Year Eve) to 6 Feb( seventh day of First month)

Earlier this year the Spring Festival, the logistic company vacation time earlier than previous years, in order to avoid any delay, please confirm product delivery requirements in advance, Four-Faith will always service you sincerely.

Sorry for the inconvenience during the holiday.

Four-Faith wishes you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year!


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