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Four-Faith was invited to participate in the Hydrological Monitoring Equipment

December 1, Bureau of Hydrology and Technology Promotion Center of Water Resources jointly organized the 1st International Hydrological Monitoring Equipment Promotion, opened in Beijing. The conference invited representatives of well-known enterprises at home and abroad in the field of water quality monitoring technology to introduce related products, these products represent today’s most advanced technological achievements in water quality monitoring. Four-Faith will bringthe latest water monitoring solution and RTU to show in the promotion.


Today Hydrology caused more and more national attention, accuracy, efficiency, timeliness is a new requirement proposed by the hydrological system itself, which means the usage of new technological equipment and production methods can meet the requirements of the development of hydrology.

Four-Faith carrying water conservancy wireless monitoring solutions, including wireless soil moisture monitoring system, small river real-time monitoring system, pumping remote monitoring system, flood disasters monitoring system, reservoirs remote monitoring system, water wells remote monitoring system, hydrology wireless monitoring application, and 4G/3G/2.5G industrial telemetry terminals, industrial wireless RTU, industrial wireless router, industrial M2M wireless data transmission terminal, etc. attended the meeting.


In this promotion Four-Faith launched networking wireless communication technology, products and solutions catched the attention of water industry experts, scholars, suppliers.

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