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Four-Faith will attend 2013 China International Optoelectronic Expo(CIOE)


September 4 to 7,2013, Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Col, Ltd. will carry the B/S architecture LED remote information publishing platform, intelligent C/S architecture LED network publishing system, multimedia digital signage B/S publishing platform, M2M wireless communication products and wireless communication solutions to appear in 2013 15th CIOE again.

CIOE is a world-renowned event, has great brand influence and visibility of the international professional exhibition, CIOE 2013 with a total area of 100,000sq., more than 3,200 optoelectronic enterprises will exhibit products, and will once again attract global photoelectric experts eyes.

With the rapid development of 4G/3G wireless communication technology, rely on low installation and maintenance cost, scalability, no field wiring and other advantages, is constantly stimulating and promoting the LED industry demand changes and the birth of new application opportunities, Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd is a M2M backbone enterprise, focusing on IOT wireless communication field, network M2M service as the forerunner, help the rapid development of LED industry.


In recent years, Four-Faith wireless LED publishing system sales network involves commercial, government, traffic, catering, construction, tourism, sports, transportation and other industries and departments, products successfully applied in Australian road motor traffic display screen project, Fuzhou meteorological disaster warning electronic display screen project, Zunyi electrical repair car LED screen wireless information release, Zhuzhou Highway Bureau of traffic guidance screen project in Hunan, Longyan lintel screen project etc., product quality and services through market test.

This exhibition ,Four-Faith will display well-developed GPRS wireless LED control card FB101. FB101 can connected with LED display screen through a standard interface, it works immediately without drive, is currently a very advanced GPRS wireless LED information transmission device. Stable performance, more convenient installation, realizes the integration of GPRS wireless communication module and LED control module, it has more competitive price, can greatly reduce the equipment purchase cost of LED remote information release project.


Welcome new and old customers to visit this exhibition, experience the latest LED industry technologies and solutions provided by global manufacturers, to know the latest business information and dynamic in Four-Faith’s booth, jointly explore the development and opportunities of the industry.

Date: September 4 to 7,2013

Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Four-Faith booth: exhibition hall No.2, 2P23

Contact person: Mr. Peng, tel: 13328302721

Address: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

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