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Four-Faith host the 2nd Strait Rural Civilization Development Forum

November 30 to December 1, 2013, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Agriculture Office hosted, Four-Faith participated in the 2nd Strait Rural Civilization Development Forum, nearly 100 experts, scholars from China People’s University, National Taiwan University, Lingnan University in Hong Kong discussed about “local community governance”, “rural education, local cultural heritage” and other topics.


With the rise of ecological civilization, we urgently need a comprehensive re-look at the historical value and Time value of Chinese rural civilization, re-evaluate the real costs and meaning of “development”, to re-build a harmonious relationship between urban and rural areas. The experts and scholars issued speeches of “rural culture and local community governance”, “culture and rural construction cases”, “new agriculture and progressive realization of agricultural versatility”, to learn from the successful experience, explore new space, new possibilities of Chinese rural civilization renaissance, discuss about the beauty of farming civilization, beauty of ecological civilization, beauty of rural civilization and sustainable development planning.


Four-Faith actively promote the Chinese traditional agriculture development model combined with intelligent networking technology for agriculture development, help to build wisdom, ecological, low-carbon, sustainable development of agriculture.


In the new stage of integration of urban and rural areas, Four-Faith hope that through the Strait Rural Civilization Forum, integrate the public resource, each village can actively explore new paths, to build livable and harmonious new rural civilization.


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