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Four-Faith Communication become a internship base of Xiamen University

December 2, Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd and Information Science and Technology College of Xiamen University held internship base ceremony. The next two weeks, Four-Faith will host the students of Xiamen University for off-campus training. The "marriage affinity" of the company and the college will jointly develop school-enterprise to create new opportunities and conditions.



College internship base is talent incubator for the University, the students can directly contact with industry representatives enterprises to understand the practical application scenarios using their professional knowledge and skills, as well as to establish an interactive dialogue with industry stakeholders, directly apply the knowledge learned into practice.

To enable students to learn more about the practical application, and according to disciplinary characteristics of Information Science and Technology colleague, Mr. Wang and Mr. Tang from Four-Faith were carried out the speeches of "cellular wireless network technology and wireless communication devices in the IOT applications" and "R&D staff professionalism and a number of suggestions for college students". They actively interact with the students, and through Four-Faith industrial grade wireless communications products demonstration in the practical application to meet the students on things from the abstract to the figurative understanding, warm atmosphere.

Four-Faith Communication put the school-enterprise cooperation as one of the strategic developments of the company since its inception. Four-Faith Communication will make more powerful research capabilities and technological superiority into school-enterprise training system, and for college students to shorten the transitional period to the society, to make up for the lack of market knowledge and technology and application faults of textbooks, as well as to reserve professional innovative talents of the enterprise in the future, which achieves win-win situation of the universities and enterprises.


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