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Four-Faith was invited to participate in 2013 Chinese Hydraulic Annual Conferenc

November 26 - 27, Chinese Hydraulic Annual Conference was held in Guang’zhou. The conference was hosted by the Pearl River Water Resources Committee, Guang’dong Provincial Department of Water Resources and Hydraulic committee of Guang’dong Province. A total of 500 representatives from Pearl River Water Resources Commission, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Guang’dong Provincial Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Water Resources Agricultural Water Division, National Water Pu Cha ban, Song’liao Water Resources Commission, Ministry of Water Resources home and aboard attend the conference. Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd, as a member of Disaster Reduction Committee, was invited to attend the annual meeting.




2013 Chinese Hydraulic Annual Conference




Disaster Reduction Committee in 2013 Chinese Hydraulic Annual Conference

Water, as an important national asset, has a pivotal role in management. Implementation of scientific, security, automated management of water reservoirs, in line with the national stage, but has a very urgent requirement.

With the development of 3G/4G communications technology to solve many negative parts of traditional manual monitoring and wired network transmission, greatly accelerate wireless transmission technology application in water monitoring and promote escalating water industry technology optimization. Standing on the high ground of science and technology, and combine environmental feature with application requirements of water industry, with the rapid development of "digital water", wireless automatic monitoring system for all kinds of water conservancy timely develop. The system combines the latest technology, quickly, timely and accurate grasp of relevant rivers, stable operation of the basin, various types of reservoirs, embankments focus, the focus area of water, rain, wind conditions and the dam, providing timely and accurate basic data for flood forecasting basin.

Four-Faith is a backbone enterprise in IOT field, brought 4G/3G/2.5G telemetry terminal RTU designed specially for water industry in the conference, the product make traditional hydrologic telemetry terminal function and 2.5G/3G/4G transfer function in one, to achieve data collection, storage, display, control, alarm and transmission and other integrated functions for hydrology/water resources. The product can be applied to soil moisture wireless monitoring system, real-time monitoring of water resources systems, mountain flood water situation monitoring systems, groundwater monitoring system, makes water systems integration more efficient.

Four-Faith staff answered various questions raised by the customers professional and patiently, and made a detailed explanation of application scope of the device, use stability, acquisition effect, data storage, operating modes and other issues.


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