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Four-Faith was invited to participate in 2013 Oil & Gas Remote Monitoring Confer

Recently, oil and gas production remote command and remote monitoring application conference was held by Chinese Society of Professional Committee of gas & oil and China Association of Plant Equipment Trade Center in Xiamen Lu’shan Hotel. Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting.


The meeting mainly for the exchange of remote command and remote monitoring system management in oil & gas field, with the use of new technology and new equipment to enhance the level of modernization of management of oil & gas production, to promote the establishment of innovation and strategic alliances of oil & gas companies, research institutes, and equipment manufacturing companies, to make the exchange of new technology, new equipment, new ideas from home and abroad.

Due to the particularity of production site in oil & gas industry, most of the production site are scattered and uncertain, production equipment requires frequent moving and relocation, so that the information development of on-site equipment is quite difficult, forming the information isolated island. However, the primary data from the construction site is often the most important, it can reflect on-site production process, and to provide raw data for the design and analysis, and provide the factual basis of on-site production process and so on. Four-Faith Communication Department is a backbone enterprise of IOT field, 4G/3G products fit the needs of oil & gas remote monitoring systems, make integrated power systems more efficient.

In recent years, Four-Faith keep strategic cooperative partnerships with Sheng’li Oilfield, Tu’ha Oilfield, Karamay Oilfield. Four-Faith products are using in oil kowtow machine remote monitoring, oil field operation remote image capture/video surveillance, remote monitoring of pipelines, oil depots remote monitoring, oil grid remote monitoring, remote command of oil and gas systems to achieve real-time data transmission.

During the meeting, Four-Faith participants have in-depth exchanges with the participants from other companies. Four-Faith get highly praise from the participants by on-site prototype display.


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