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Canadian customer visit Four-Faith to discuss 3G wireless RTU cooperation

With the change of consumption habits, and the advent of IOT technology, all the industries around the world gradually changing their traditional management ideas, with networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation of information technologies, through the offices, hotels and other large buildings of all kinds of information automatically perception, timely delivery and data mining to analyze, to satisfy personalized demand, and help the enterprise to achieve the purpose of open source, throttle, efficiency.

Recently, Canadian customers visited our company to negotiate about the cooperation of “intelligent building”, Four-Faith Foreign Trade Department and Technical Department warmly welcomed the customers, and accompanied the customers to visit M2M network wireless communication equipment workshop, testing room, R&D room, etc..


It is reported, the Canadian customers is the local strong solution provider, through communication and RTU testing, gave a great affirmation for the excellent performance and good market potential of Four-Faith industrial 3G wireless RTU F2464, especially fit multiple applications of “intelligent construction plan”. For example, “intelligent construction plan” mentioned margin of hand washing liquid detection, analog input through the sensor connected to Four-Faith industrial 3G wireless RTU, to realize SMS alarm function, informed the management person to increase hand washing liquid timely, so as to achieve high-quality service.

Through careful study, Canadian customers also praised at our production situation, R&D capabilities, product quality and technical level, both sides reached a cooperation, at the same time, the customers were thanks for our warm and thoughtful reception. This visit, not only strengthen our exchanges with foreign countries, but also laid a solid foundation for further sales of wireless communication terminal products in Canada.


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