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Speed up informatization of chain of tea enterprise, Four-Faith WIFI shows

September 26th, Chain of Tea Enterprise Informatization Forum held in held in Fuzhou. The general assembly invited leading industry experts and Fujian tea industry elite, business executives to discuss the chain of tea enterprise informatization marketing. Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd as the designated technical support to participate in the general assembly, and provided industrial WIFI router for it.


The congress focused on how to popularize the chain of tea enterprise informatization solution, raising the level of informatization of tea enterprises, through information technology to achieve enterprise informatization management, expand new media marketing means, open up e-commerce new sales channels and other aspects, bring new ideas for the enterprises in the aspects of management, cost saving, sales promotion.

With the business development of tea enterprises, rapid expansion of chain stores, a major problem is derived: how to efficiently manage these stores? How to timely control the important data of sales, stock, in transit, distribution, payment collection?

Four-Faith 3G/4G wireless router F3X34 provide network access, can establish a connection of IPSEC between chain stores and headquarters, chain stores submit financial information, sales information to headquarters data server through IPSEC encryption, the headquarters use these data to do statistics, analysis, management, decision to realize effective remote management.


In the meeting, the experts discuss about micro-marketing, one hundred audience participate in the interaction of micro-blog and micro-message by intelligent mobile phones, through Four-Faith industrial WIFI router can quickly receive stable signal, playing micro-blog and micro-message let the consumer process more easier and have more fun.

With the maturity of 3G technology, communication requirements of the large chain stores also gradually improve, Four-Faith 3G/4G industrial wireless router has been successfully applied in many large tea chain stores network system, provide technical support for tea enterprise informatization promotion.


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