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We know about wireless communication, more know about self-service terminal

Vending machine is a sign of the level of city development, a common equipment of commercial automation. In developed country, vending machines cover all streets, with an average of 20 people have a vending machine, it becomes a kind of consumption habit. In China, rising rent has become the biggest cost of retailers, and the human cost is also more expensive, the characteristics of unattended, 24 hours of operation allow rapid development in China.

In the just-concluded  the 10th China Self-service & Vending Show exhibition, many domestic and foreign self-service terminal manufacturers show the newest self-service products, such as a self-lottery machine, self-vending machine, self-service coffee machine, self canteen vending machine, even for crab sales, gold sales, show the vitality and high popularity.




self-vending machine for gold sales



self-vending machine for lobster sales


Different from the traditional vending machine, these advanced automatic vending machines is a network terminal, operator can real-time monitor the operation, online payment, adjusting supply chain timely and promotional advertising in the touchscreen of each vending machine.

Four-Faith is the first company to explore wireless communication technology applications in the field of financial and self-service by investing technology and resources. Provide powerful equipments and technical supports for independent research and development of IOT wireless communication router, M2M data transmission terminal for wireless network construction, security encryption, remote maintenance, supply chain management, advertising management.


Four-Faith self-service wireless router, M2M data transmission terminal

In this exhibition, Four-Faith displayed wireless router, DTU and so on, one-stop solution to all kinds of product demands and technical problems of self-service terminal wireless networking, widely accepted by many self-help terminal manufacturers and operators. During the 3 days of exhibition, Four-Faith booth is one of the most popular booth, communication products and self-service terminal networking solutions sold out within a day which are planed to spare 3 days.


New and old customers come to Four-Faith booth


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