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Four-Faith participated in CommunicaAsia2013

June 18 to 21, the 24th Singapore International Communication and Information Technology Exhibition held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Four-Faith with all wireless communication terminal products and key technical solutions displayed in this Exhibition.


CommunicAsia2013 was the largest exhibition of Asia ICT industry, brought together the world’s leading operators, service providers, system integrators and manufacturers, showed their latest research achievements and the most advanced technologies and products, at the same time held many technical exchange and product promotion seminars. During the four-day exhibition, Four-Faith communication booth received large quantities of Southeast Asia and other regions of the integrators, operators and equipment manufacturers.

In the Four-Faith booth, displayed networking solutions of electric power, petrochemical, finance, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection and other fields based on wireless communication, including “payment terminal networking solutions”, “bus E card wireless networking applications”, “electric power self-service terminal networking solutions”,  “large-scale machine monitoring”, “remote meter reading system based on ZigBee technology” and all wise application solutions and upgraded version of 3G/4G dual card router, 2.5/3G IP Modem, industrial wireless 2.5G/3G RTU, low consumption ZigBee module and other quality products. Many system integrators gave a high evaluation, in the first day of the exhibition, the first batch of Sri Lanka customers said they want to purchase some samples.





Four-Faith also showed technology advantages and innovative ideas in the key fields for customized services and solutions. Moreover, also focused on on function and performance upgrade version of the industrial 4G router, M2M wireless communication, intelligent application technology and innovation system. Four-Faith 4G industrial high-speed router is the new product of taking the lead in the industry, positioning in the industrial large-data wireless transmission market, 4G/3G/2G high-speed wireless network as the data bearer network, providing high-speed, stable and safe wireless connection for the network between remote devices and different sites.



Four-Faith rich displaying content and the engineer’s enthusiastic and professional explanation attracted a large number of guests to visit our booth and exchange opinions, many guests at the scene expressed the cooperation possibility with Four-Faith and exchange technical opinions.

This exhibition is the 3rd year for Four-Faith to participate in Singapore communication exhibition.

Four-Faith set up a good brand image, at the same time showed the technical advantages and innovative capability in the field of wireless communication to our customers in Southeast Asia, improved the visibility in Singapore and surrounding regions, attracted many customers to consult and negotiate, and provided strong power to expand international market.

Four-Faith through years of efforts and growth, products have been exported to 25 countries and regions around the world, to establish good relationships of cooperation with many countries dealers. In the future, Four-Faith on the one hand will expand overseas market, on the other hand, from our own product lines, will continue to research and develop high-quality new products and broaden the solutions, maintain close cooperation with the new and old customers, to build wireless networking undertakings.


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