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To feel the wisdom and embark on a new journey Four-Faith 5th anniversary

    To feel the wisdom and embark on a new journey

    Four-Faith 5th anniversary celebration held in Xiamen


      June 22, Four-Faith 5th anniversary celebration ceremony is held in Xiamen headquarters. Employees and their family, customers from afar, dealers, suppliers and all friends gather together to witness our growth, share our joy.
     5 years sedimentation, blooms like flowers

     5th anniversary, looking back, it is short and long, pure and wonderful. 5 years, it is the brilliant portrayal of Four-Faith people adhere to the value of “Honest, Trust, Confidence, Belief”, seizing the opportunities of IOT development, working hard and achieving success.

      As a creative mission of enterprise, knowledge innovation, technology innovation, management innovation are the driving force of Four-Faith 5 years development, from the first industrial wireless router born in Four-Faith, Four-Faith product line from industrial wireless communication terminal extending to LED wireless release, remote elevator monitoring, disaster warning and other fields; cooperated customers cover water, finance, electric power and other industries. Gradually sets up Xiamen as the center, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other key regional office as branches of domestic sales network; overseas market, Four-Faith has begun to sale in Austria, Spain, Malaysia and other 25 countries.

      Four-Faith creatively puts forward the service concept of “three fast, three no”, to provide qualified product and professional services. Our company has passed ISO9001, CE, FCC, SGS and other quality system certifications, production license, won the national invention patent, was named Fujian high-tech enterprise, software enterprise, advanced enterprise trade union organization, happy enterprise, M2M networking partner of three big operators.
       In additional to the global vision, hard working, innovation, from the value orientation, the biggest difference of Four-Faith is emphasizes on the win-win cooperation with customers, suppliers, humanistic care to the employees and partners, and grows together. It’s these values strengthen Four-Faith R&D capability, layout sales network, establish supply chain and intimate cooperation relationship, to be the leader of IOT wireless communication field.

     To feel the wisdom and unlimited growth
     March 18 to June 22, we held a period of 3months, the theme of “ stay with us side by side here, instead of looking up elsewhere” series of 5th anniversary activities, focused on enterprise culture construction, occupation ability improvement, team and personal growth, entertainments etc., recorded our growth and wished the bright future.

     Calligraphy and painting, photography, writing competition

      5 years, for Four-Faith people, it is very important time point, It connects with the past achievements and opens the door for hopeful future, review the past and look into the future, we have a lot of thinking, all of us put our writing, photography, experience, memories, feelings and thinking turn into pictures and articles.
the winners

    “Four-Faith star” sales pacesetter competition

      The competition is the important content of learning-type organization construction of the company, to launch team wisdom, mutual learning, mutual promotion.


                                        “Four-Faith star” sales pacesetter

       Quality improved, Four-Faith QCC improvement activity concluded happily

       Through this inter-department joint OCC activity, makes the mechanism of Four-Faith QCC activity more perfect; at the same time, further strengthens the quality awareness of employees, through full participation, the quality and production of Four-Faith product will reach a higher level.


    Four-Faith OCC daily seminar




    The eagle catches chicken,  Team leader of fun sports champion, runner-up throw the ball, push and pull and second runner-up

    basketball game

    Like professional players in the amateur team


                                    basketball players     representatives of basketball champion
    thanksgiving customers activities
    Friendship never fade, thanks for the customers always support and trust, walked side by side in the past 5 years, to witness the growth of Four-Faith.


    social public welfare activities

    Participate in socially useful activities makes Four-Faith more beautiful. Four-Faith Communication Technology Co. Ltd. involved in promoting "The Second Peitian Spring Ploughing Festival ", Four-Faith expect more people to concern about the rural areas by holding the rural public service activities and using a large number of media propaganda resources; through subsequent helping activities,so that more resources rush to come in and new thinking, new ways to integrate; let the young people to see hometown hope, retrieve and love his hometown.


    Four-Faith carnival celebration
    “ stay with us side by side here, instead of looking up elsewhere ”. We use trust to express our reverence for life; use confidence to pursue our dreams. Four-Faith 5th anniversary celebration party held in the cheers.



    5th anniversary party, new and old friends to celebrate the Four-Faith 5th anniversary birthday

    Recite the poem:the happy life i can imagine, everyone is full of love and kindness, and will eventually realize the birthright dreams.

Sing a song: waves of Gulangyu, the melodies represent Xiamen’s temperament and Four-Faith people’s enthusiasm.
   The piano solo: my homeland and I, let us experience eternal relationship between the homeland and us.

    Play guitar: little romance, to feel the classical and elegant feelings


    Dance: rejoice, to spread the joy and gratitude.

    Sketch: a journey west--Bajie forces a marry


    Four-Faith partner, general manager, Sui, sang a song Beijing, Beijing, to express pursuing dreams, Four-Faith would like to work together with our partners to dream, share and grow up.


Dance: the 8th set of broadcast gymnastics, very humorous
    your, my and his life, occupation and career, starting today, each one will have a unlimited window to the bright future.

    Adhere to Four-Faith value and embark on a new journey
    5 years is a long time, hard climbing pushed Four-Faith rapid growth in IOT wireless communication. 5 years is a short time, the dream of intelligent IOT is just beginning. “China dream” has win the support among the people, the activities of achieving “dream” is rising in the land. In the future, Four-Faith will always adhere to  the value of “Honest, Trust, Confidence, Belief”, join hands with you to face the challenges, casting the ecological industry chain, to improve the development of the industry and achieve win-win.

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