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Happy work, happy life, Four-Faith actively pro

An enterprise, only have happy employees, the concept of good and healthy business behaviors, can make us full of confidence and take responsibility, to build the successful enterprise.

Four-Faith always start from the employees’ most realistic, most concerned about, most direct things, every day free lunch and afternoon snack; play basketball, badminton, table tennis; occasional climbing, KTV, collective tourism and other activities; various types of seminars and training help staffs to grow up; birthday gift blessing, to visit sick staff in hospital, congratulate married staff, express sympathy to staff lost immediate family; bit by bit, agglomerating minds and strength, to create “happy work, happy life” corporate culture.    

The company set up five years, but annual sales growth at doubling speed, even in the difficult market environment, we still keep the strong competitiveness, and these series of results can not separated from the idea of company satisfying staffs’ material and spiritual demands and creating happy company.

June 15, Four-Faith specially invited the expert of Human Resources Management, Dr. Wang Qiang to give a lecture of emotional management, and Changming Master Of Nanputuo Temple to teach us how to use the thought of Buddhism to create happy life.

Work, not only physical, mental effort, but also emotional resources effort, with the pressure increasing, people have to face nervous working rhythm everyday. When the pressure exceeds the range of individual coping ability, it will seriously effect people’s emotions. How to work happily, how to be the host of our emotions?


Dr. Wang Qiang helped us to know and recognize pressure and emotions from the psychological perspective, guided Four-Faith staffs using scientific skills to relieve pressure and emotional regulation, and shared the method of how to create harmonious, happy, positive workplace atmosphere in enterprise management.


Changming Master combined with a variety of examples, told us faith not castles in the air, not sedulous pursuit of happiness, actually it was around us, as long as we into the life, have the goal, have the pursue, and focused to do one thing, do every thing, subjectively work hard, objectively let nature take its course, then happy will come.

Dr. Wang Qiang, Changming Master, knowledgeable, humorous, and won warm applause. These wisdom will drive us to move forward, accompany Four-Faith staffs spend every normal, happy day.

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