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Quality improved, Four-Faith QCC improvement activity concluded happily

Quality is the basis of the existence and development of the company, Four-Faith as a backbone enterprise of wireless communication field, regards quality as the company’s life, to provide “smart, standard, safe, reliable” wireless communication products and services as the core, the company guides all departments to do quality management healthily and coordinately from establishing quality management system, strengthening process management, carrying out supply chain management, implementing self-evaluation etc., product quality has been in the industry leading level and passed the ISO9001, CE, FCC, SGS certifications.



Four-Faith QCC team 1

Excellent product is from quality assurance, Four-Faith Quality Department held 3-month QCC quality improvement activity (QCC: Quality Control Circle, is full participation improvement activity) from March 18, 2013 to June 18, 2013. In the activity, QC team according to the technology defects and service weak points in daily work, by mutual discussion and explored highlights, and carry out regular meeting to discuss and share opinions, collect information etc. to solve the problems.


For the past 3 months, under the guidance of the leadership, led by Quality Department, and Production, Finance, and R&D Department participated, totally collected dozens of issues, after OCC team members analyzed, discussed and selected, finally confirmed 5 projects as the topics of this OCC improvement activity, the content including automated equipment introduction, replaced part of components suppliers, packaging reinforcement, process optimization etc., improved respectively from “people”, “equipment”, “material”, “method”, “link” five aspects, especially “equipment”, “material”, “method” are the most important parts. The application of quality tools(such as QC 7 methods) and statistical tools to analyze and find out the reason, and provide data support for the improvement.

Through this inter-department joint OCC activity, makes the mechanism of Four-Faith QCC activity more perfect; at the same time, further strengthens the quality awareness of employees, as product quality is depends on everyone, in the enterprise, no matter which position you are in, will influence the product quality, through full participation, the quality and production of Four-Faith product will reach a higher level.


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