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Four-Faith 5th anniverary notice of calligraphy

5th anniverary,it’s a very complex process when we lookingback the years

5 years is a wonderful process, Four-Faith seizes theopportunity todevelop, dares to challenge, and makes great success

Four-faith 5 years development, is not only a process of growth

Social economy develops rapidly, people’s thinking and life style changecontinually

Internet of things is starts from zero and now widely used in all areas,it will grows into a next trillion industry

Customers from domestic to overseas, cover water conservancy, finance,electric power and other key industries

Competition makes us concentrating strength, perfecting ourselves,speeding up to move forward, and making the operation of Four-Faith morebeautiful

The team is expanding, mechanism is being established, management isbeing standardized, we are on the way to grow up

Four-Faith people from youth to mature, get grow up, marriage andcareer, become indepent person and the pillar of the family and company

“ stay with us sideby side here, instead of looking up elsewhere ”

adhere to Four-Faith value of“ integrity, trust, faith, belief ”

We have the same dream, we work together, grow up togeher, and sharewith each other

all these experience are the best treasure forus, as well as the best explanation of Four-Faith’s culture and core competitivestrength

5 years it’s very improtant for Four-faith andits people

It connects with the past achievements and opensthe door for hopeful future

Review the past and look into the future

we believe you must have a lot of thinking

time will be away, but records never old

Looking forward to your writing, photography,let your experience, memories, feelings and thinking turn into pictures andarticles

5th anniverary of calligraphy and painting,photography, writing competition

we provide the platform for thinking exchange,feeling express

welcome to record yourlife, talk about your experience, write down your feelings and make suggestions

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一、 summary

Theme: “stay with us side by side here, instead of looking upelsewhere”

Period: May 1 ,2013 to June 10,2013

Projects: calligraphy,painting, photography, writing

Object: all staffs in thecompany


The title of calligraphy,painting, photography, writing isfree style, but should relate to contents as below, writing down your ownexperience and feelings

1、the company and I

2、the client and I

3、the project and I

4、my life

5、my thinking

enterprise management, systemconstruction, business developing, R&D, technology support, workingexperience, colleague relationship, recreational and sports activities, sentimentsof life, the wishes, hopes and suggestions for the company


Calligraphy: clean layout, rational arrangement, writing proficiency

Painting: free style, originality, clean layout

Photography: harmonious in color, composition, the size ofpicture is above 1M, be clear

Writing:positive attitude,read smoothly,true feelings,free style, word number uncounted, arranged by Microsoft Word


Everyone participates in the activity will receive a gift

excellent works will be published in company’s website and AmazingFour-Faith newspaper

1st prize: 2 places, 500 CNY bonus

2nd prize: 3 places, the brand shoulder bag

3rd prize: 5 places, Garden Expo tourism annual card

honorable mention: 5 places, Four-Faith doll


Send e-mail to marketing department: market02@four-faith.com 或 1017742753@qq.com

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