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Four-Faith Smart Grid Solutions on the Fair

2013 China (Xiamen) International Electric Power Equipment and smart grid construction exhibition held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Centre on March 21, 2013 -23. Four-Faith communication, the supplier and provider of wireless communication terminal of things of Internet and power solutions, standing behind as an "invisible" champion of the electric power industry application, was invited to participate in this exhibition.


During the exhibition, Four-Faith Communication demonstrate smart grid networking solutions based on wireless communications, including transmission line status monitoring program, network monitoring solution, feeder automation solution, smart charging pile solution, zigbee technology based remote meter reading system applications and solutions, and the launch of 4G industrial router, 3G wireless RTU, an upgraded version of high-speed routers, and other new products, favored by the power industry customers. Industrial-grade wireless routers, NCHC stringent certification low-power IP MODEM, with excellent EMC EMC resistance, high-low temperature, long time non-failure working, are highly appraised by industry integrators and partners.


After the verification of the implementation of continuous research and development, innovation, and a number of large projects, networking and applications of Four-Faith products in the field of wireless communication become more intelligent, standard, stable and reliable. Look forward to working with more partners to create customer value.


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