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2012 Four-Faith Cup Photograph Competition Award Ceremony

Four-Faith holds the concept of "Integrity,Trust,Confidence,Faith" .Through four years' strive,Four-Faith grows as backbone of wireless M2M communication field,and share good awareness and reputation in the Internet Of Thing.

The theme of Internet Of Things for wireless communication photograph competition  hold by Four-Faith which last almost three months fully falls curtain. Thanks for every customer and partner's enthusiastic participation,the theme of workpiece we collected is variable,diversified style,and details attached.

Through the lens,we can fully understand that Four-Faith device have been widely used in real application of smart grid,finance,transportation,digital oil field and intelligent agriculture ect and find out to feel the beauty of things be connected.Most important is that we can have a chance to understand the using experience and assess of Four-Faith products which comes from first line project designers,networking engineers and system integrator through the vivid photos and paper work instruction. It is these applications comes from all walks of life and inspire Four-Faith to overcome difficulties and continue to move forwards.

27 excellent photograph stand out in this competition,posting today announced to celebrate.Thanks again for your support of all partners.

First prize

1、Project Name:Four-Faith 3G Dual Sim Card Router For ATM Networking


Author:Mr Yang You Bin

2、Project Name:3G Industrial Router For E-Transportation Card


Author:Mr Liao Zhen Nan

Second Prize

1、Project Name:GPRS Modem For Heat Pipeline Management In Residential



Author:Mr Xu Ruo Yu

2、Project Name:Ginseng Planting Information Collection System Based on

Internet Of Things


Author:Mr Gao Wei

3、Project Name:Four-Faith IP Modem For Tower Crane Remote Monitoring

Management System


Author:Mr Tian Dong

4、Project Name:F9103 Early Warning System Terminal For Protection Against

Natural Disaster

In National County


Author:Mr Huang Xian Long

5、Project Name:Electrical repairs car LED Car screen wireless information

distribution system


Author:Ms Gong Xuan Yu

Tird Prize

1、Project Name:Major pollution sources of the state-controlled

automatic monitoring system 3G Wireless VPDN Access in Bai Se City


Author:Mr Liang Qin Song

2、Project Nanme:WIFI Router For Smart Video Surveillance Monitoring System


Author:Mr Cai Yong Hui

3、Project Name:GPRS IP Modem For Coalbed Methane Automatic Acquisition


Author:Mr Nie Lun

4、Project Name:Four-Faith Industrial Grade Router For Driving test voice and

video systems


Author:Mr Gao Li Bo

5、Project Name:3G Router For The solar distributed off-grid power plant

monitoring system


Author:Mr Chen Yun

6、Project Name:The solar distributed off-grid power plant monitoring system


Author:Mr Wang Fu Guo

7、Project Name:F9103 Early Warning System from Yong Health Vibrant



Author:Mr Che Ming Shen

8、Project Name:Four-Faith IP Modem For Statistics Plate System


Author:Ms Zhang Meng Meng

9、Project Name:Rural Transformer Security Regulatory Based on Wireless


Author:Mr Lin Hai Ming

10、Project Name:Meteorological Disaster Monitoring And Early Warning Solution


Author:Mr Li Yuan Hui

11、Project Name:Embedded ZigBee Module For Consumption Monitoring System


Author:Mr Su Shi Jian

12、Project Name:Discussion On Intelligent Distributed Feeder Automation


Author:Mr Xiao Wei

13、Project:In Vehicle LED Wireless Distribution Base On GPRS


Author:Mr Jiang Ke Hua

14、Project:Four-Faith LCD Video Bulky Wireless Released System


Author:Mr Lu An Guo

15、Project Name:3G Wireless Communication With PLC For Remote Monitoring

And Maintaining


Author:Ms Lin Xiao Han

16、Project:Street Light Intelligent Management And Consumption Saving


Author:Mr Wu Hai Ping

17、Project Name:Digital Oil Production System Based On GPRS


Author:Mr Gong Ming Shen

18、Project Name:Zigbee For Rice Warehouse Safety Management


Author:Mr Hu Yuan Le

19、Project Name:Hydrologic Remote Monitoring System


Author:Mr Chen Ning

20、Project Name:A One-Stop Small Reservoirs Automated Monitoring Terminal


Author:Mr Du Wen Zhen

FDD-LTE Industrial 4G Router  3G Industrial WCDMA Router  GPRS IP MODEM Gateway Device 

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