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All rise together, to achieve the value”——2015 the Four-Faith conclude meeting award ceremony



Jan,23th, as the topic of”all rise together, to achhieve the value” 2015 the four-faith opened the screen in XiaMen.


Look back to2015,the four-faith adjust the industrial structure actuvely, complete the marketing strategy,

The results got the new break out, achieved more than the years aim, also won Xiamen city’s famous product logo and Fujian provience famous product logo,our products have already come into more than 50 countries and areas, millions of the terminals are used on-line,we provide the products and the strategies for IOS.


This tea meeting has four topic : team cooperation, study organize, the days in four-faith, build core competence.

Team cooperation:

”One person go fast, some people can go faster, the team cooperation is seting up in the base of the unite, this year we are looking forward to build a unite and effective’s  faith team, everyone has the clear team aim, needs to pay different role, try our beat to cooperate with others, to find other team’s  active quality.


The subject of the study is man,how to make oneself to study by themselves and to improve themselves? First need a active study attitude, teh company’s development aim is our aim, examples should to share to  encourage others’ study, rookies need to come up with the problems, ro set up a efficent study attitude, from parts to parts study, to set up a studying organized system.

 ”In four-faith, we are not only have work, but also life, the company organize the relax sports, such as tennies, basketbball, one year’s travel; we don’t neeed to worry about the bad oilbecause the company provides lunch, noon tea and dinner;  we don’t worry about can’t catch the informations, because wehave tghe professional study system, everyone are hardworking for the company. 

Make the core competence:

How to make a core competence? First, we need  to make sure the strategy, have good patented technology, bring new ideas toour products, have the aim marketing, research the details, have the sale details restore, clear tghe market and the serve,from sale the products to sale tghe strategy and the servies.

One heart, opeing the wisdem, one walk, to develop together. One heart and one walk means to struggle, challenge together, to improve and to get together. We are improve the company and the team’s cohesion,fighting ability constantly.

 Everyone who has the dream,  faith is a member can’t miss in our four-faith family,let’s hand to hand ,in 2016, one heart one walk, to f ight for the bigger aim, to achieve a better life.

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