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Why not the vehicle wifi ?

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         Commonly referred to as on-board WIFI refers to in-car WIFI router, is a public transportation, buses, private cars, cruise ships and other means of transport launched a special Internet-enabled devices, WIFI terminal with wireless access to the Internet to obtain information, entertainment, or business model of mobile office. Routed through the mounted on the car's on-board WIFI mobile network 3G/4G turned into a WiFi signal, this is somewhat similar to 3G wireless networking sharing.

WIFI media Operating Router

The location of the TF card, SIM card installation position


        On-board WIFI operating systems include vehicle WIFI hardware terminals, onboard WIFI system operation management platform, is a cloud service platform based on intelligent vehicle terminal, in addition to providing WIFI Internet access service, through cloud platforms provide users with news, video, pictures, games, buy, localization, content services such as social services. Passengers using mobile terminals with WIFI function, and using a wireless network at home like, just open you can automatically connect and enjoy the free Internet services.

Vehicle WIFI Operating Application

Vehicle wifi  installation

         Install device: for example, Xiamen four-faith industrial on-board WIFI routers the  series of  F3936-3X36H ( one of the supported Telecom, China Mobile, China Union wireless router )

         Location position: Xiamen four-faith vehicle WIFI router is small size, you can according to the car structure, power supply and line laying, signal transmission and other factors to select a different installation location, through the four-faith customer case study, most customers used car WIFI router is installed in the vehicle in Central



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