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Four faith TD-SCDMA WIFI router are used in the country first wireless noise monitoring system

In urban environmental pollution, noise affects people's learning, work and life of great particular. Especially at night, noise seriously affects people's lives, sleep quality, resulting in a variety of physical and mental diseases. As environmental complaints hotline statistics from nine cities in Fujian province, more than 70% of the complaints related to night-time noise.

In the past, law enforcement officials after receiving complaints from residents immediately rushed to the scene, probably the noise disappeared, and no evidence; However,Once law enforcement officers left, noise appeared, and so repeatedly, forming a cycle, "strange cycle", leading the masses are not satisfying the law enforcement officers.

As Xiamen "wireless city" an important part of the application, and the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of moving the administrative law enforcement use of FourFaith TD-SCDMA WIFI industrial router, the first time the realization of wireless remote monitoring and control of environmental noise. The system is a 24-hour real-time monitoring living area, construction sites, factories, and other occasions, noise, set the administrative law enforcement in the City Council's monitoring center to monitor and control at any time.

System Solution

Remote Wireless Noise Monitoring System is base on Noise monitoring data logger and Four-Faith 3G TD-SCDMA Industrial Router, consists of wireless monitoring devices and data center software.

The noise monitoring data are captured by noise monitoring data logger at remote sites, and sent automatically throungh Four-Faith 3G TD-SCDMA Router to data center for storage and analysis.

All noise sites are monitored by data center software, which the designated persons can check and analyse real time and former noise data.

Noise monitoring data are sent automatically from the remote sites to a secured website, whereby data are being analyzed for exceeding noise limits; meanwhile, SMS alert can be configured to send to designated departments or persons to inform of the exceeded noise levels.


1、  Reliable

2、   State-of-the-art real-time monitoring system

3、  Wide monitoring scope

4、  Low Running Cost

5、  Remote Control Capabilities

6、  Continuous outdoor monitoring capabilities

7、  Noise monitoring data logger is with capability of data acquisition, record and transmission, easy for installation.

8、 Decibel value and background noise can be collected simultaneously, to achieve real-time audio compression and decibel audio sync transmission.

9、 Multiple ways for data transmission, such as LAN/ADSL/TD-SCDMA.

10、Stand harsh environment, such as high and low temperature, wet and dusty environment, etc.

Comments from expert

Four-Faith TD-SCDMA WIFI Router work steadily even under harsh environment, which makes sure the reliable operation of the whole system. In addition, complaints about the noise of construction sites from resident have reduced; Meanwhile, law enforcement departments also benefit from remote wireless noise monitoring system.

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