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To share the beauty of the Internet of things applications


Children's Day is comming ,four-faith boy’s home a fun activity invited friends to play together.

Rivers and lakes spread as Internet of things industry leaders, you working hard, Super high technology. Whether in the soft heart has lived a a wilful child with pure bright innocence,still looking for the “Children's Day" gift?

To display the beauty of the Internet of things application, let's win the transformers, how about you?

"Transformers" it is not just a toy, it is the joy of childhood, is the intrepid tenacious spirit. The boys of Four-faich’s family not only proficient in wireless communication, love of transformers is also like you.

The Internet of things, from concept to product, from product to application, be raging like a storm, rapid development. It is gradually changing our industrial form and life form. In this tide you explore and expand, also we are countless pay and wonderful. Record wonderful, share project wisdom.

Now, as long as you pick up the phone or digital single lens reflex,take a picture of the usage of our products in your company and attach a brief introduction to the application of scene, as long as the picture is clear enough, the clause is smooth enough, we began to send “Children's Day" gift.

Inviting four faith family’s spread all over 50 countries and regions of the customers for the joint participation, to show the various countries, various industries wonderful IOT applications. If the activity indirect proof, four faith falily’s products not only just communication terminal, but also is the bridge connected to the things connecting the beauty of the application of the Internet of things, please take us we are not intentional act.


How to take the pictures? At least 4 piece pictures, the more will be better.

Photos include: your company panorama + project panorama +at least 2 piece of papers of four faith products application, JPG format;

Description: to introduce your project profile, four-faith product application in your project, not less than 200 words;

How to participate in activities?

Send photos and text to "Xiamen four-faith" micro public platform or email to nick@four-faith.com .Leave your information: name, company, title, phone number, Communication address.

"Children's Day" special gift, "transformers" series of high-end toys, eager to waiting for you to take!

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