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WiFi operating system 2 new conference will be held in Xiamen Convention

       Mobile terminal set communication, social, entertainment, work in one, is the people's perception of the world. In recent years, smart phones, tablet computers, wearable devices and other mobile terminal rapid development. Mobile terminal detonated mobile Internet needs. More and more users to WiFi as the main mode of access of mobile Internet, news, social, games, movies, shopping mall via WiFi connection... A huge flow, creating a rising precision marketing, the world ushered in the "golden age of commercial WiFi.

Insight into the mobile Internet Ecosystem, Four-Faith in the industry ahead of the launch of the WiFi operating system help WiFi construction and operation of enterprises mobile Internet portal, open advertisement operation, distributed applications, mobile business, data marketing possibilities, in the field of transportation, tourism, health care, and banking gained rich applications.


2015 China (Xiamen) International Internet Exposition and forum will be in 2015 June 2 - 4 days in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center held, Four-Faith will hold "the operational system of commercial WiFi 2.0 new conference, as God of various detailed" Internet + "new favorite of Four-Faith WiFi operation system 2.0, invites you to come, the commercial WiFi industrial policy, market structure, create a better future.

In addition, we will in the Expo site (Four-Faith booth No. b052), will also show you 4G/3G cellular Router products, ZigBee short-range communications products and in the field of electric power, finance, environmental protection, oil and other reliable applications.


Welcome the masses of old and new customers, integrator, engineering, business, industry professionals and friends from the media, to visit Four-Faith booth to visit and experience together networking wireless communication field of new products, new technology, to renew industry development of new thinking, new future.

Commercial WiFi operating system 2 new conference:

Date: June 3, 2015 (Wednesday)

Time: 10:50-11:30 am

Venue: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, C center, 1st floor,  new release area

Xiamen things fair:

Date: June 2, 2015 --4

Four-Faith booth: B052

Venue: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, exhibition center, C hall 1st floor, exhibition area

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