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Four-Faith “Faith Fund”supporting”Hongde Academy”Sinology Undertakings


In this hot season, owing a cool and comfortable reading environment, is the expectation of all the ones who love reading. Recently. The Four-Faith “ Faith Fund” has came into use, which donates several air conditioners to the “Hongde Academy”.Four-Faith person create a cool and comfortable study environment, and give the best support for the sinology undertaking.


Decorated antique Hong DE academy, once step in, feel like the noise of the city was left behind.


Mr. Shi Liming the master of  Hong DE academy , dedicated to promoting Chinese traditional culture, adhere to the "Chinese public welfare" concept, in all parts of the country to carry out the classics of public lecture series for a long time, to carry forward the Chinese filial piety culture.Four-Faith’s communication with Mr.Shi,let Four-Faith friends constantly draw essence from traditional culture, learning classical wisdom to inspire the future.


Sinology for the education of children is also important, it can nourish children’s mind.sage set an example for their children,from early childhood to form of teaching and virtue edification guided. Awarding the correct behavior for the children and the way of life, cultivate the lifetime benefit for the children’s personality cultivation.


Four-Faith people felt happy to have the opportunity to support the Sinology undertaking, and creat a cool and comfortable environment, and hope everyone can feel the sincerity, kindness and beauty, and convert the traditional intelligent to creativity and apply in the work and life, then everyone can creat a more harmonious society family,

Can have the opportunity to support to the Chinese public welfare in the heart of corporate social responsibility, by four letter "letter fund" for hong DE college kids and book lovers to create a relaxed learning environment, four people feel heartfelt happy.Hope that everybody in the process of learning Chinese to experience the beauty of humanity, will traditional culture into creative wisdom, to apply to use in all aspects of the work, life, everyone together to create a more harmonious happy social big family!

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