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Four-Faith WCDMA Router in overseas Public transportation field application

Public transportation service system is an important indicator which measures urban civilization. With the gradual expansion of existing urban scale, the accelerating pace of life, public transportation system in urban transport is playing an increasingly important role. How to record, monitor, schedule a huge number of buses effectively, how to make transit systems more intelligent and efficient operation, which become the management core in transport operations department.

One bus company from Italy are using Our F4433 3G WCDMA WIFI industrial router, which was integrated "city buses run radio dispatching system", to realize the efficient management of bus operations. In the application, each bus with one WIFI router, the image data and operating data from bus will be transmited via WIFI network or through the 3G network,then to the monitoring center, then monitor center will process the datas rational according to the data center analysis;

There are many good function about public transportation Operation for wireless data transmission system, like attendance no.of city buses, bus operation state data (such as speed, number of fuel, bus video surveillance, vehicle to which site), Automatic station and ultimately achieve real-time monitoring and unified control functions.

Our Industrial Router WIFI Wireless Router AP + Client functionality is specifically designed for the bus system, routers currently in Italy to run a bus system has been well used,satisfy by the customers.

Technical program description:

terminus constantly search WIFI AP Router WIFI signal, when the bus loop into the terminal, the control center functions with AP + client router will be sensed in the effective distance of the WIFI AP signal on the bus, take the initiative to establish a connection with WIFI AP , SSID and password authentication to establish communication.

n bus terminus in each time into a wireless WIFI way can take away a variety of different vehicles operating data, integrated management of play results.In addition to the bus station through the collection of data analysis to run the station, according to the terminus of the scheduling needs, you can at any time by F4433 3G WCDMA wireless WIFI router signal for rapid dispatch, played the role of remote monitoring and scheduling.

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