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Four-Faith WIFI operating system is successfully applied to the domestic banking

       With the birth of the balance of treasure, micro channel payment and other Internet financial products, a huge challenge to traditional banks. How to provide a fast, convenient and innovative service, break the line of O2O market, become a breakthrough in the bank.


Recently, a number of domestic banks adopted a Four-Faith WIFI operating system, Internet transformation of the network, so that each bank outlets become the region's O2O financial experience center. Four the actual application of the products are as follows.

Four-Faith WiFi operation system, 3G / 4G / cable to WiFi form, combined with WiFi operating platform + WiFi new media terminal, through the cloud platform to construct wireless Internet, information release, advertising, network community in various multimedia information service.


Why do bank customers choose to cooperate with Four-Faith? Mainly based on the following factors:

1.WiFi can effectively reduce customer complaints, ease the pressure on the counter; user management can bank hall waiting at the same time, the brush in the micro channel, movies, games, can also use the bank on the net connection, self-service business function saves the work time.

2. The potential customers into customer transactions; WiFi operation system to help banks on various financial products through video, pictures, text and other forms of vivid display, to carry out online marketing, as long as nearby businesses connect the banks of wireless network, namely automatically jump to the Bank of China's mobile site, quietly in Bank of communication brand, broaden the marketing channel.

3. To carry out large data precision marketing; users to log on the banks of the wireless network and WiFi operation system in the signal coverage, to enter the bank outlets of information statistics and analysis, such as daily passenger flow, the average stay time, access to the content of data recording, analysis of user preferences and interest in the product, can accurate product / service marketing.

4. Easily customized information service interface; Four-Faith can provide service as to customer demand, provide banking application service interface, such as micro channel, pay attention to the micro Bo, enterprise QQ, app and other.

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